We help clients to incrementally, safely and successfully adopt agile in order to grow their businesses, embrace changing market conditions and increase customer and employee satisfaction.



We are offering a wide range of services tailored to your individual needs. These services include training, coaching and consulting. We are available to work with you a few hours at a time or go along with you for a while.

Some of our services we delivered for our past and current clients: 

  • (Executive) Agile Coaching

  • Enterprise Scrum Master

  • Scrum and Agile Trainings for 5 to 25 Attendees

  • Systemic Coaching

  • Agile Transformation Consulting

  • Interim Agile Coach and Scrum Master

  • Agile Transformation Advisory

Our People

Our team of agile consultants share a passion for working with software development teams to help them deliver high-quality software. Take advantage of their practical, hands-on experience to reach your individual goals and learn more about our approach.

We are a Swiss company located in Zürich. Most of our consultants come from a Swiss background but are well versed working in international settings.


Areas of expertise

Organizational Transformation
Scaling Agile
Enterprise Agile

Coaching Teams
Systemic Coaching
Executive Coaching

Agile Coach
Scrum Master
Transformation Lead


Scrum, Kanban and Agile Principles
Software Quality
Tailored trainings

Software Development
Product Management
User Experience



Our approach is universally applicable and therefore our customers come from a variety of industries. We are proud to have held mandates in well-known national and international companies of various sizes. From startups to large corporations, we feel at home in every context and are able to create value for our clients.

The following list is a selection of the current and past mandates we have been able to fulfill. We will be happy to show you in a personal discussion the results we have achieved.



Each client mandate poses different challenges to our consultants and therefore we tailor each mandate to the specific needs of the client. In order to achieve the objectives as quick and efficient as possible we focus on five steps in our approach.


At the beginning of the mandate on the clarification of the requirements and the objectives of the client. This allows us to respond to the client's individual needs and adapt our toolbox accordingly.

In a second step we delve it analysing the issue at hand, conduct interviews, watch from the sideline and gather data. We interpret this data and bring it into a form that allows us to draw insights from it.

Together with the client we then develop strategies, measures und solutions in order to solve the issue found in the problem analysis.

Our consultants support the implementation of these strategies and solutions. Either by consulting, training and coaching or by taking over hands-on task.

It is important to us to review the results and gain feedback for the next stage of collaboration. The review findings will be discussed with the client and the objectives are adjusted.



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